Developer Documentation


There’s a rare issue that developers may face when calling suite2p –version on their command line. You may get an incorrect version number. To fix this issue, one should use the following command:

git fetch --prune --unshallow


Before contributing to Suite2P, please make sure your changes pass all our tests.

Downloading Test Data

To run the tests (located in the tests subdirectory of your working suite2p directory) , you’ll first need to download our test data. Suite2p depends on dvc to download the test data.


Before testing, make sure you have dvc and pydrive2 installed. Navigate to the suite2p directory and use the following command to install both dvc and pydrive2.

pip install -e .[data]

zsh users should use the following:

pip install -e .\[docs\]

Use to following command to download the test data into the data subdirectory of your working suite2p directory.

dvc pull

Running the tests

Tests can then be easily run with the following command:

python test

If all the tests pass, you’re good to go!